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Project Management and Lean/Process Improvement

Footwork effectively manages significant projects within your organisation, for the benefit of the customer.
Through the principles of project management, process improvement, effective communication and applied use of proven tools, techniques and methodologies you will receive an objective, sustained and powerful solution to your project needs.

Footwork will:

  • Align your projects and initiatives to corporate objectives and sustainable growth
  • Communicate and lead effectively at all levels within your organisation
  • Manage and integrate key stakeholder relationships
  • Evaluate and ensure there is sufficient resource to improve a process or meet project objectives
  • Focus on delivery rather than generating excess paperwork and planning processes
  • Apply extensive knowledge and experience of proven techniques including Project Management (Prince 2 accredited), trend analysis, lean, Business Process Reengineering and change management to name but a few.

Next time you are looking to improve a process within your organisation or need to convert a businesses need into a deliverable, start with Footwork.