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Footwork First » Blog Archive » Footwork saves workshop attendees on average 10,000GBP of energy cheap jerseys wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys free shipping cheap jerseys free shipping cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys cheap soccer jerseys

Footwork saves workshop attendees on average 10,000GBP of energy

David Crowfoot of Footwork First recently hosted a series of three energy saving workshops for manufacturers in conjunction with MAS SE and environmental specialists Ecopare. The results were an identified £175,000 and 826 carbon tonnes of savings, with some companies potentially saving up to £30,000.

The workshops have been designed to look at a manufacturers own facility, and the energy they use throughout their production process. Factors such as equipment, shift patterns, down time and products are taken into account and delegates complete both group and individual exercises to highlight their biggest energy users and ways in which they can reduce their energy spend – both short term and long term.

Minoo Sabharwal of Indium Corporation who identified over £8,500 of savings at the workshop said “The workshop helped us understand our energy costs, relative to other manufacturers, and realise how we can make significant changes ourselves.”

David Huddart of Hornby Hobbies who identified a huge £30,000 of potential reductions added: “The workshop was very informative and was a great opportunity to listen to other manufacturers too. It enabled us to understand how we can save money and energy in our business.”

David Crowfoot of Footwork First comments: “These are really practical workshops that deliver a very tangible benefit to manufacturers.

“All too often the energy bills we receive are extremely complex and so we asked delegates to bring their own records so we could help break them down and identify whether they were paying over the odds compared to other manufacturers in the same sector.

“Most delegates identified huge savings they could make by adopting some very simple changes in their facility such as managing machines appropriately during down time and checking the patterns of back up equipment.”

The workshops are ideal for any manufacturers spending over £20,000 each year on energy. Footwork and Ecopare also offer one to one consultancy for manufacturers looking into their energy usage and processes in more depth.

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