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Envirolean in Horticulture

Although horticulture and agriculture are considerably impacted by environmental and climate change, like elsewhere the sector is being constantly challenged to deliver more environmentally sustainable produce. The economic advantages are considerable, with growing consumer demand for more sustainable produce and increasing regulation eliminating unsustainable practice or making them cost prohibitive (through for example, taxation). Therefore producing more sustainable produce can not only reduce costs, it can be a key differentiator in securing more sales.

Consequently Footwork First have been developing its envirolean products in partnership with Fedden USP who specialise in implementing lean and process improvement in Horticulture trade. The programme uses the core tools and techniques of “lean and process improvement” which at their heart improve customer value and eliminate inefficient practices to enhance environmental performance. Specifically the programme  addresses traditional business performance metrics (quality, cost and delivery) through the application of proven lean tools, and additionally the environmental performance opportunities (reducing both the consumption of energy, material and water and levels of waste).

Initial trials have again shown that the adoption of these techniques gives the dual benefit of environmental performance improvement which can reduce costs or improve the image of the organisation as well as more traditional measure of business improvement (e.g. delivery, cost, quality).

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