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Ecopare and Footwork First announce partnership to reduce manufacturers environmental impact

Ecopare Ltd and Footwork First Ltd today announced a working partnership that will offer an integrated product to help manufacturers reduce their environmental impact.  The package will combine Ecopare’s Lean Energy Management solution with Footwork First’s Envirolean solution.

By combining the two solutions will allow for automatic capture, analysis and reporting of the environmental impact of manufacturing processes with the ability to identify and reduce waste consumption.

The benefit for manufacturers will be in allowing them to become more sustainable through the identification and optimisation of both traditional inputs such as material, labour and machine time with non-core inputs such as energy, water and other commodity materials.

 “In creating this partnership we are providing our manufacturing clients a solution to automatically include environmental impact data as part of Continuous Improvement Programmes,” commented Craig Astfalck, Managing Director of Ecopare.  “With Footwork First’s track record in delivering Lean Manufacturing programmes we are excited to be able to offer this integrated solution.”

David Crowfoot, Director of Footwork First added “Ecopare’s Lean Energy Management solution provides our Envirolean solution with an automated way of collecting real-time environmental impact data across an entire manufacturing process.”

“This gives us the ability to focus on optimising the consumption of all inputs within the process and addressing the true environmental impact of the finished goods.”

The combined solution will be offered to the market place by the end of August 2011 in a limited release format with several clients already expressing interest in using the integrated solution.

About Ecopare

Ecopare is a dynamic new company that specialises in practical Energy Resource Management solutions for the Manufacturing Sector.  Ecopare understands that manufacturers operate in a complex environment where simple energy reduction programmes may not work.  With its Lean Energy Management solution Ecopare is able to help optimise manufacturing process energy consumption to produce an average 21% savings in energy usage.


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