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Funding acquisition

Are you seeking funding leverage for a specific project or the sustained growth of your organisation?

Are you looking to develop a youth strategy or policy?

Footwork obtains external funding for voluntary and public sector organisations. Over the last 12 months, Footwork has secured a total £8m from Government and European sources.

Specialising in youth enterprise and development, Footwork provides both strategic and creative input at all stages of the funding process to leverage maximum external funds.

Footwork can:

  • Identify the schemes your project and/or organisation is eligible for.
  • Apply for funding; writing your bids as specified by the relevant funders.
  • Manage the overall development of clients’ external funding policy.
  • Ensure the compliance and adherence to clients’ funding policy and procedures.
  • Advise clients proactively on new sources of external funding.
  • Develop and direct innovative policies to support young people in enterprise, education and social development.