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We have developed a programme that uses the core tools and techniques of “lean and process improvement” to enhance environmental performance through the elimination of inefficient practices and improving customer value. Specifically, Envirolean addresses the opportunities to reduce the consumption of resources such as energy, material and water and the levels of associated waste. This is a reflection of consumer demand for businesses to become more sustainable as well as the increasing cost to business of poor environmental practices.

How does Envirolean work?

Step 1: We first determine the current efficiency of a process (both in a traditional and environmental form) by understanding how much material, energy and water are consumed (the input), how much is used in delivering the product or service, and how much is waste (the outputs).

Step 2: The results are broken down into the component parts of the end to end process or value stream. Each of these components (could be a function, a process etc.) is then analysed to show how efficiently it converts the inputs to outputs. The findings are then shared with the company to determine the opportunities for improvement.

Step 3: The improvement opportunities are then scoped (areas for improvement, personnel involved, objectives etc) and a plan produced to deliver the improvements. Our team then works with key personnel using proven analysis and problem solving techniques to develop and implement solutions.

Envirolean utilises proven tools and engages and enthuses employees to deliver environmentaland efficiency improvements that not only save costs now and in the future but improve the image of your business in the eyes of your customers and other stakeholder.